Gail-Nina Anderson

Gail-Nina Anderson

Books on Tyne

Gail-Nina will also be participating in the Books on Tyne festival. On Saturday 25th November she will be in conversation with actor and crime novelist Hugh Fraser, and on 3rd December with actor turned novelist George Costigan. Why, yes, there might be a pattern emerging here...

Talks at Newcastle Castle

Autumn also brings a new series of talks in the atmospheric setting of Newcastle's Castle. Although these are more folklore-based than the talks Gail-Nina gives at the Lit & Phil, all these lectures are illustrated throughout and approach their topics via visual imagery. See what is coming up on the Talks page - or for a full list of events, not all of which feature Gail-Nina, visit the Castle's What's On listings.

Cinderella - a traditional illustration


While modern variations may question the happy ending and dismiss the moral, 'Cinderella' remains one of the key story-types of our culture. What could offer a more heart-warming prelude to Christmas than a closer look at the original rags-to-riches narrative enshrined in fairy tales and movies, panto and opera? It's not all just big frocks and charming princes, however - like most traditional tales this one casts some darker shadows, raising questions about rank, love and identity (not to mention shoes.) This richly illustrated talk discusses the roots and variant versions of the tale, symbolic and social interpretations and its wide dissemination as book, drama, image, metaphor and even postcard.

Cinderella, a special Christmas lecture on Wednesday December 13th, at 6.00 pm, at the Lit and Phil: book now, before it's too late!


Paul Nash Lecture: Update

Following the sell-out success of the Paul Nash talk delivered at the Lit & Phil on September 27th, the Library has scheduled a repeat performance on Wednesday January 10th at 6.00 pm. Booking is now open, via the Lit & Phil, and seats are selling surprisingly quickly, so contact then now to ensure you get a place!

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