Gail-Nina Anderson

Gail-Nina Anderson

New Venue: a talk in Durham

In conjundtion with Palace Green Library's exhibition Between Worlds: Folklore and Fairy Tales from Northern Britain, Gail-Nina's lecture on Monday, February 12th addresses the question "How do you recognise a fairy?" More information on the Talks page.

Wizards, Witches and Wicked Step-Mothers

Gail-Nina also returns to the Black Gate for the first time in 2018, to answer another question about the identification of magical persons: in real life, a witch might just look like the old lady down the road, but in popular culture we need to know a baddie when we see one. Various visual clues have evolved to give us typical versions of those dangerous characters who dabble in the occult. But what if it's not that simple... Find out more on the Talks page.

Lectures at the Lit & Phil

After two sold-out lectures on Paul Nash, an essential guide to the exhibition of his work at the Laing, Gail-Nina turns her attention to David Bomberg. Coming to the Laing in February is the first significant exhibition of his work in more than a decade. Gail-Nina's special lecture on Wednesday 28th February, to coincide with the exhibition, is also likely to sell out, so book now with the Lit & Phil, to be sure of a place. Booking is also open for Gail-Nina's triads of talks examining different aspects of a movement or theme in art. Details on the Talks page.

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